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The society is goverened by an executive committee consisting of 15 members elected by the General Body every year, one of whom is selected by the elected members as President. All members of the Executive Committee work for the society in a purely voluntary capacity.

A small secretariat headed by an Adminstrator functions at the premsises of the society to look after its day-to-day activities. (The Delhi School of Music functions from the same premises. Its academic activities are looked after by a director.)

The accounts of the society are subjected to both internal and statutory audits and submitted to the Annual General Body consisiting of roughly 200 voting members.

The Executive Committee Members are :

  • Mr. Sunit Tandon (Hon. President)
  • Dr. Ms. Jayati Ghosh (Hon. Vice-President & Chairperson, School Committee)
  • Ms. Rekha Khosla (Hony. Secretary)
  • Mr. R. Srinivasan (Hon.Treasurer)
  • Mr.Hormusji N.Cama (Chairman, Finance Committee)
  • Dr. Rajendra Prasad Jain (Chairman, Programmes Committee)
  • Ms. Sukesh Puri
  • Mr. Reuben Israel
  • Ms. Sieglinde Jain
  • Mr. Samaresh Chatterji
  • Ms. Devika Singh
  • Ms. Gloria E.R. Banerji
  • Ms. Yukti Banerjee
  • Dr (Ms) P.E. Mirchandani

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